Saturday, 11 June 2011


Today I planned a Tinkerbell Party for two beautiful little angels, Tasneem & Zah-Raa. It was such a lovely day..

The girls have recently been to Disneyland and whilst they were there they met Princess Aurora. They absolutely loved Princess Aurora and have been asking for her since they returned home... So, their granny Firoza decided to suprise them with a Princess at their party! They loved her.

The Princess painted their faces, then sat all the children down to ice and decorate their own cup cakes.. It was so funny because Tasneem kept icing her cake, licking it off and then icing it again.. ha ha ha.. The Princess then played games with the children.. They played musical statues, musical chairs, hide and seek, duck, duck goose and a few others! They had a ball....

All in all the day was a huge success and everyone had a wonderful time!!

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